Expectations + Guidelines


Here are a few things that may be helpful in understanding the Interior Design process. This list is not part of our Agreement; just high level guidelines to assist you in navigating the design process and help you think of questions you didn’t know to ask.



Let's go!

The Design Team is off and running. The create designs and start choosing selections for your new residence.

Tick Tock

We will request a project timeline from your builder so that we can plan our tasks accordingly and ensure that our deliverables are timely.

Rooted in Relationships

We believe teamwork and respect enhance performance and problem solving and we are committed to both.

In the Loop

If you order any selections through an OZ preferred vendor, we will provide you with updates on order status and delivery. However, we do not manage the architect, builder or any sub-contractors.

Coming to Life

OZ creates models for you and working drawings for the builder. The models will not always look like the completed Working Drawings. Please refer to the Working Drawings for final design specifics.

Collaboration is Key

We request that the builder be present at our onsite consultations because it is an excellent opportunity to discuss the execution of the designs.

Meetings are a Must

We find that a standing weekly or bi-weekly meeting with all necessary team members is beneficial. But, we will do our best to accommodate impromptu meetings.

All in Agreement

Our design fee will be paid according to the terms of the executed Agreement, and OZ will inform you when the design fee is due.